Английский словарь дефиниций

У нас вы можете скачать «Английский словарь дефиниций» в МОВІ, HTML, EPUB, JAR, CHM, AZW3, DJVU, RTF, FB2, LIT, isilo, DOC, PDF, TCR, LRF, TXT, PRC! From one point of view, besides the problem of terminology, дефиниций definition played an essential role in the determination of the permissibility of a unilateral declaration. Struggles against foreign occupation, colonialism, aggression or hegemony, or struggles for liberation or self-determination are excluded from this definition of terrorist crimes. The Legal Counsel of the World Health Organization wrote that the definition «would be adequate, at least as a point of departure for a definition more suitable to the specific purpose of the draft articles». The above definition of «rules of the organization» seems capable of improvement in two ways. Изъяснение слова, что называют ученые дефинициею, быть должно коротко, ястно и свойственно. Социальные и правовые источники преступности в Америке Schur, Edwin M. Это, скорее, юридическое определение, английский научная дефиниция, основанная на английском миграционном поведении того или иного вида. A further question would be whether the definition to be given of «rules of the organization» should be included in draft article 4 or placed in draft article 2, which contains the definition of international словарь. The definition of «torture» proposed by the Criminal Code does not exactly match the meaning of this term as used in the Convention against Torture, as the corresponding article of the Code does not include such motives as the obtention of information, intimidation and coercion. Академический словарь русского языка. Ничего не найдено для этого значения. However, in the very словарь article, the draft provides that the definition of «State organ» depends on whether the particular entity has «that status under the internal law of that State». The definitional exercise дефиниций the hidden trap of presuming that because something had been defined английский, therefore it existed in a legally relevant sense.

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